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• KTO Karatay University Mechanical Engineering Department was established with the aim of educating our students as knowledgeable, talented, creative and entrepreneurial engineers and to take the society forward by keeping the information sharing at a high level. The undergraduate program aims to present mechanical engineering subjects to the student in a meaningful integrity; Thus, it aims to train engineers who can use the necessary sub-technologies in order to meet all kinds of needs in their field or who can carry out product design, production, assembly and maintenance by communicating with experts in this field.
• Aiming to carry the values of the past to the future, KTO Karatay University prepares scientists who will make the technologies of the age talk with this power, produce new technologies, open its doors wide to raise pioneering and innovative engineers in R&D and increase the level of development and prosperity of our country within the Faculty of Engineering.
• The main purpose of our academic staff who have proven their scientific competence with scientific studies carried out nationally and internationally and have industrial experience; To establish the infrastructure that will constitute the basis of original science and technology transformed into production by reflecting the existing knowledge to students who are expected to contribute to the science and technology of our country.
• With the machine dynamics laboratory, mechanical laboratory, hydraulic-pneumatic laboratory, measurement laboratory, heat fluid laboratory and numerical analysis laboratory within our department, we enable our students to have the opportunity to see the basic concepts they have learned in basic engineering courses on real systems using experimental methods and to improve their practical skills. Thanks to these research environments, we aim to raise awareness of teamwork among faculty members and students.
• Our education and training curriculum has been created with an approach that balances theory and practice. 1 year English preparation; 4 years Mechanical Engineering Branch Training is given. Our department is a Turkish program with 30% English support. Our university and our department are in a central location in the middle of the industrial organizations related to mechanical engineering in the Konya region. The university has a curriculum that gives our students the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge and to concentrate on the areas they want to focus on by providing additional application opportunities in the industry as well as theoretical and practical applied education.
• For our industry-focused students, apart from summer internships, it aims to provide the opportunity to work in a project intertwined with the industry every semester and to prepare them for working life by bringing them to a level that can provide solutions to the problems of our industry when they graduate. Our aim for our academy-focused students is to provide them with the equipment that is integrated with research centers abroad, to prepare them for both international graduate life abroad and academic life in Turkey, in order to equip them with the requirements of academic life.
• The curriculum that we offer has been prepared in a way to cover the mechanical engineers of the future, the basic principles of Mechanical Engineering and the knowledge and equipment that will be needed by the modern engineers of the future. Our curriculum has been created in a way that deals with production and design together, linking the basic concepts with the design of products and processes that will solve the problems faced by industry and society, which is the main purpose of engineering. The program focuses on active learning with practical lessons project-based learning and skill-oriented lesson components. With our emphasis on both basic concepts and applications in classical and new fields, it empowers our students to apply their knowledge and skills in many industrial fields and on emerging new technologies.
• Mechanical Engineering Department students have to do an internship for at least 40 days in the manner to contribute to the Mechanical Engineering education in industrial organizations in order to get the Bachelor's degree. In addition to the internship, our department also has a workplace training practice (internship engineering). With this program, our final year students, who meet the application requirements, spend their 7th or 8th semesters (approximately 4 months uninterrupted) in the field in the industry and step into engineering. Intern Engineers, like an engineer, work in the industry, spend the entire specified period in the company where they are placed and fully comply with the working conditions of the company.
• A student with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from KTO Karatay University, equipped with the above-mentioned versatile, integrated knowledge and concepts, will have the privilege of firstly finding employment in research centers that develop and use advanced automation products in high-tech companies that work with production systems integrated by computers.