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The Department of Architecture trains person who can design and build the environment for human life - from a small space to a city scale. This program aims to educate architects who can create qualified living spaces by using today’s technology and possibilities, compete in the international arena, follow current urban and architectural issues, question and propose, human oriented, protect of society benefit, having history and environmental awareness, stand out with their perfection in the professional environment.

What is architecture?

Architecture is the art of designing and building to living space with functional requirements economic and technical possibilities with an aesthetic understanding. It take in consider physical environmental conditions for the user’s needs and wishes. The major feature that distinguishes architecture from other arts branches is the direct effect on human life and society.

Architecture Education Principles:
•· Human, space and urban associations
•· Design of qualified space
•· Use of design and construction information together
•· Sustainability
•· Universal design
•· Interdisciplinary studies

Course Contents:

The course content of the Architecture Department is structured on the following topics:
•· Studies to develop architectural design skills, design theories and criteria,
•· Construction technology, construction systems and details
•· Architectural and urban planning issues
•· Sustainable design and energy efficient structural environment
•· Construction economy and management
•· Historical environment and conservation awareness, restoration techniques
•· History of Architecture

In addition, the Department of Architecture curriculum is supported by foreign language, professional computer programs and elective courses in different subjects. Students gain the necessary knowledge in undergraduate education during the 4 years and this program provide to students improve themselves with the interdisciplinary approach.

Dual degree:

Students of Architecture Department have the right to graduate with 2 diplomas at the end of undergraduate education by applying to Double Major undergraduate Program in Interior Architecture and Civil Engineering department.