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KTO Karatay University aims to provide students with a scientific and systematic perspective by balancing the theoretical and applied courses during the education period. The Department of Interior Architecture, pioneers innovative, functional designs, thanks to the technology and possibilities that have developed during the information era, which open up the creative power of the students. Said designs are intended to be applied in the fields of life and industry at national and international level.

What is Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture identifies and investigates the problems of interior and functional spaces. This discipline solves the problems with the knowledge and creativity of current building technology of the materials and equipment of the building systems. It designs and plans of interior spaces with aesthetic understanding in order to provide for user’s needs increase the quality of life and services construction supervision.

Interior Architecture Education Principles

- Human-focused;
-Universal design;
-Creative thinking;
-Interdisciplinary study;
-Design & Technology combination.

Course Contents

Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program course content is constituted within the framework of the following topics:

-Design theory and Principles
- Fundamental issues related to the design discipline
-Concept studies supporting creative thinking
- Information on building systems and materials
- Theoretical and conceptual competencies in design studies as well as internship supported practical competences.

In addition, the Department of Interior Architecture curriculum is supported by foreign language, professional computer programs and elective courses in different subjects. Students gain the necessary knowledge in undergraduate education during the 4 years and this program provide to students improve themselves with the interdisciplinary approach.

Dual degree

Students of Interior Architecture Department have the right to graduate with 2 diplomas at the end of undergraduate education by applying to Double Major undergraduate Program in Architecture and Civil Engineering department.