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The Graphic Design Department started education in the 2013-2014 academic year within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. The language of education is Turkish. The undergraduate education is based on a 4-year program to enable students to specialize in the print and digital design fields of graphic design and to develop their creative and intellectual abilities.

The courses given in the 4-year program in the Graphic Design Department are courses for field knowledge and mostly compulsory courses. Starting from the first semester, elective courses continue until the end of the 8th semester at an increasing rate. Education in the Graphic Design Program is carried out with technological hardware and software equipment. Before graduating, our students are required to do two separate internship programs, 30 working days each, in order to ensure synchronization with the sector.

The Department takes care to carry out its work in cooperation with various institutions and organizations in the sector. In addition to its undergraduate education, the Graphic Design Department also contributes to academic and scientific education for specializing in graphic design with its graduate program.

The Department of Graphic Design aims to train conscious and professional graphic designers who can solve all kinds of visual design problems, who can use the equipment required by the age competently, who follow social and cultural differences.

The department has an original printing workshop, advanced computer (Mac) laboratories in terms of software and hardware, a photography studio and facilities where students can realize all their projects. Our graduates; They have the opportunity to work in advertising agencies, design offices, printing houses, television and post-production companies, photography studios, all parts of the publishing industry, web design offices, cartoon animation studios, and design departments of public and private institutions. The titles they can get after graduation are; graphic designer, illustrator, art director, web designer, multimedia designer.