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Dear Students,

In this era where borders have disappeared with the development of technology, the greatest need is to have access to up-to-date information. The best way to realize this is through internationally recognized and standardized education and training.

Thanks to the education provided in our foreign language school, we can transmit the necessary linguistic knowledge and skills to our students for the pursuit of higher education at an international level. We best prepare students for their academic, social, and professional lives, as necessitated by the technological age. At the School of Foreign Languages, we recognize our responsibility to maximize the foreign language skills of our students in a globalized world.

Thanks to the multilingual and multicultural academic structure, our students can participate in international activities and study abroad as part of Erasmus+ projects.

With these beliefs and thoughts, I believe that our students will most proficiently enjoy the academic experiences and endeavor to learn foreign languages, and I wish them an academic journey full of prosperity and success.

Head of School of Foreign Languages

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇELİK