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Dear Students,

Our Vocational School of Health Services provides training with academic staff who have academic and professional expertise, experience, and knowledge. Our school holds a very crucial place in terms of contributing to the labor force needed in the provision of health services. We aim to train health technicians who abide by professional ethics, closely follow the current state of knowledge and technology, and possess sufficient clinical skills.

Students of the Vocational School of Health Services have the opportunity to enhance the theoretical knowledge they receive from our experienced and knowledgeable academics in our well-equipped application laboratories. In addition to the summer internship under the 3 + 1 education system, our students graduate with a sufficient amount of knowledge and clinical skills with the hospital practice they have received for a semester. Graduates of the Vocational School of Health Services can work in many institutions or organizations that provide public or private health services.

To this end, we wish all our students a successful academic life and would like them to know that we are always by their side.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hatice BALCI
Head of Department