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Dear Students;

The Faculty of Engineering and Science at KTO Karatay was established to produce qualified engineers capable of meeting the needs of the modern world, in parallel with the technological acceleration that humankind, which has been fast shaping the world, especially in the last century, has achieved through the widespread use of matter and energy. In the first place, our faculty intends to build a profile of students who are able to correctly formulate technical problems in their field of specialization and choose the right tools to solve these problems. It is our key concern to equip engineers with the skills to access the information they need by picking the right information from the sources available, using that existing information, and finding intelligent alternative solutions to problems.

Our syllabus has been created in line with the approach in which both theoretical and practical information is in such harmony.  Alongside the theoretical and practical training, the chance of an extended assignment in the industry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our students. Further, our faculty has a syllabus that helps our students to concentrate on the areas they want to work on.

Owing to the education and training program we have carefully crafted, our graduates are self-confident, have mastered how to study, have an engineering profile that understands the industry and industrialists, and are sought-after engineers who can easily find a job in their own field. Not only are our graduates employed in top positions as application and R&D engineers in the industry, but they also pursue their studies at universities in Turkey and abroad to further secure their academic future.

Within our faculty, we have fully qualified and highly experienced academics who are able to provide world-class scientific knowledge and conduct collective projects with fellow universities and research centers. The greatest ambition of the Institute, apart from the acquisition of professional and social skills, is to enable our students to take a leading position in their field in society. To realize this, our biggest desire is to provide a warm, mutually supportive education and training environment where differences are valued as a source of wealth.

I would like to seize this opportunity to express my best wishes for good luck and success to our students and our candidates.

Prof. Dr. Faruk ÜNSAÇAR

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences