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The goal of Translation and Interpretation Department at the School of Foreign Languages, KTOKaratay University, is basically three-fold stemming from the characteristics of the contents in lessons/subjects of the program.
Firstly, the program focuses on English language skills of the students by teaching them not only British and American English but also helping them master Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian dialects both spoken and written forms. Coordinatebilingualism in both languages is targeted. Secondly, the professional emphasis: students are not only equipped with linguistic skills but also trained to use these skills in translating and interpreting sector. Thus, theory and practice are planned to go hand in hand.
Thirdly, the program is geared to address issues of the business sector. A student in translation and Interpretation Department gains the necessary skills repertoire which enables them to find jobs effortlessly in areas such as import and export, international marketing, advisory services, and think- tanks when s/hegraduates, as they have a chance to take electives like international relations, International Trade, and Issues on the Middle East and North Africa, Arts and Advertising.
A large pool of departmental electives provides selective focus in areas including political science and International Relations, Law, Economy, Literature, Medicine and Engineering. Students are exposed to lexis of various disciplines studies in the department. Electives begin at year two and increase gradually. In the third and fourth year, students are placed in businesses in the industry to complete their fieldwork by translating and interpreting for these firms. As part of the collaboration between the school and sector, they develop a sense of reality, their profession, and business demands. Finally, they devise a translation project: they are required to translate a major work from Turkish to English.